Frequently squeaking your fingers can cause arthritis?

What did you do when you were bored in class? Some people will read extracurricular books, some will steal food, some people will play with mobile phones. These behaviors are more dangerous, and after being discovered, they will be swear by the teacher. When you are bored in class, your fingers are safer.

Frequently squeaking your fingers can cause arthritis

Many people have continued the habit of squeaking fingers from childhood to the present, when they are bored. However, many people have heard rumors that “they often make their fingers scream, and their fingers will get arthritis”, so the scared people dare not play their fingers.

First of all, we have to understand why we can make a finger squeak, the reason will be mentioned below.

Why do you have a sound on your fingers?

Did you find out? In fact, in addition to the sound of your fingers, other parts of your body may also make a sound. This phenomenon is called “joint ringing” which can be divided into physiological and pathological.

Taking the finger joint as an example, the joint capsule and the articular surface at the finger joint form a closed space, commonly known as the joint cavity. There is a small amount of joint synovial fluid in the joint cavity. Joint synovial fluid mainly plays a role in lubrication.

Since the joint cavity is a closed environment, when the external force forcibly folds and pulls the joint, the corresponding joint surface is suddenly separated, and the surrounding gas rapidly spreads to the joint cavity. As a result, the synovial fluid collides and makes a sound. This is a physiological joint bounce.

The pathological joint bounce is because your joints are warning you that diseases such as tenosynovitis, joint capsules, rough synovium, ligament relaxation or cartilage loss can cause this phenomenon.

Now we know why our fingers will ring, but does my fingers really cause arthritis?

Usually, the “click” sound on the fingers is the physiological joints, not the sound of tissue friction in the joints. There is no research to find that there is any connection between long-term squeaking fingers and osteoarthritis, and the argument that “the fingers will get arthritis” lacks evidence to support.

However, even if you don’t get arthritis with your fingers, you need to pay more attention to them.

Vigorously miracle! Don’t hurt your fingers

If you rub your fingers too hard, it may cause the ligaments around the joints to be acutely Hassan or tendon dislocation. Persistent injury may lead to secondary arthritis, the main symptom is joint pain.

Everyone should know that there is no arthritis in the fingers squeaking. However, when you are making a sound on your fingers, don’t be too hard. Don’t let extreme joy lead to extreme sorrow!

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